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Le Demi-Marathon de Blainville

Road Race, Walk


1 Km, 2 Km, 5 Km, 10 Km, 21 Km
15$ – 70$
1100 Medium

Don't miss out on Le Demi-Marathon de Blainville, a road race that offers you distances of 1km to 21km in Blainville, Laurentides in September.

Parc équestre de Blainville
Blainville, Laurentides

The Demi-Marathon de Blainville returns for its 4th edition and makes available its magnificent race courses of 1km and 2km for children and 5 km (running and walking), 10 km and 21km for runners of all levels.

It’s the perfect race after the summer holidays! Very little elevation gain (+10m on the half marathon) which guarantees a very rolling course. If you’re aiming for a good performance or to stretch your legs, it’s a great choice!

The race is organized for the benefit of the Fondation Centre Sportive de Blainville which assists students in the city of Blainville. This is an opportunity to do a good deed by helping the Foundation.

Easy and accessible, the race is open to everyone!
A rolling course in Blainville

  • 7h00 : Delivery of runners' kits
  • 7h45 : 10km
  • 8h10 : 21km
  • 11h10 : 2km
  • 11h40 : 1km 8 to 11 years
  • 11h50 : 1km 7 years and under
  • 12h10 : 5km run and walk

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