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MRSQ – Mount Royal Summit Quest

Road Race

28 - 29 June

50 Km, 100 Km
60$ – 80$
120 Medium

Don't miss out on MRSQ – Mount Royal Summit Quest, a road race that offers you distances of 50km to 100km in Montréal on 28 - 29 June.

Chalet du Mont-Royal

The Mount Royal Summit Quest – MRSQ for those in the know – is THE fatass race of the year.

Considered to be the fastest ultramarathon in Quebec, with a track record that goes down to 3h17 on the 50K, the MRSQ is a fun race that will perfectly launch your ultramarathoners career. And for the most daring, the 100K and its night departure at the top of Mount Royal are there too!

In addition, the race is organized by the CUTE, so there should also be coffee and good humour to make us live a very nice morning.

Saturday, June 22, 23hStart of the 100K
Sunday, June 23, 6hStart of the 50K
All those who are ready to embark on ultras!
  • Running tank
  • Medal of participation
  • Checkpoints
A flat and rolling course that ends at the top of Mount Royal.

The 50km route

Course of the 100km


Saturday, 10:15pm to 10:45pmRecovery of bibs
Saturday, 10:45pm to 11pmPre-race meeting
Saturday, 11pmStart
Sunday, 6amClosing the first 50K
Sunday, 1pmClosing the course


Sunday, 5:15am to 5:45amRecovery of bibs
Sunday, 5:45am to 6:00amPre-race meeting
Sunday, 6amStart
Sunday, 1pmClosing the course

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