Meet the Team

Best friends & long-time runners, the founding team knows what loyalty and friendship really entail! After running & living in USA, France, Canada, Germany, Norway, and Argentina the trio reunited in Montreal to work together on a problem that really bugged them: motivate most people as possible to run & stay fit!
Meet the team and don’t hesitate to chat with us, we’ll always be happy to help!
Ambroise Debret
Chief Marketing Officer

Ambroise makes sure you're aware of the best races recommendations we have for you. He'll be in touch with you via email, social media and more!

He is our obstacle race expert.

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Antoine Aimond
Chief Financial Officer

Antoine makes sure we offer you the greatest number of races you can register to!

He is our road race expert.

Rémi Vincent
Chief Technology Officer

Rémi makes sure we provide you with the best recommendations based on your profile (& smoothest experience)!

He is also our in-house trail expert.

Paulie from Make it Run

Paulie assists you during your whole Make it Run experience, from your account creation until you're registered to your dream races!


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