Why Switch?

Here is why you should switch to Make it Run.

Simplest platform ever

We take care of all the technical aspect of your race!

Your brand, your way

We're not in competition. Your race, your logo and design!

5-minute race setup

You'll be selling tickets for your race in no time.

Free for Race Directors

Try it on and see if it fits. No expense, no risk.


Edits, Live

Hit save and its live! There's no more waiting.

No Contract

You're free to come and go. We don't mind, except if you don't come back!

What are you waiting for? We won’t tell your current provider 🙂


Learn how to find, approach, close & retain sponsors!


Get the exact steps to win sponsorship deal. Even more than that, we’ll provide you with the exact scripts & templates to use.

Look for the ebook in your emails!

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