Race Marketing: Promote & Analyze

Promoting a race isn’t easy and takes a lot of time. That’s why we’ve automated race marketing with built-in marketing tools. And the rest? We offer it as services.

Advanced Race Page Analytics

❌ No more marketing decisions based on intuition.

✔️ Know what promotion channel really work and double down on them

Let your Participants help you with Marketing

 ✔️ Automatic share incentives at strategic places

✔️ Get 20% more visitors on your race page by encouraging your participants to share it

✔️ SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger sharing on mobile

Your Mission Control Dashboard

✔️ Get a one-blink view of your sales

✔️ Per-ticket sales breakdown

✔️ Countdown to race day


Optimized for Search Engines

✔️ Let people find your race on Google

✔️ SEO (search engine optimization) best practices

✔️ Automatic meta titles, descriptions, image alts, etc


Optimized for Conversion

✔️ We make sure your race page converts the maximum number of visitors into participants

✔️ On-going improvement based on data from all races hosted on Make it Run

✔️ Conversion rate optimization best practices

Optimized for Social Media

✔️ Awesome-looking when shared on social media

✔️ More visits from Social Media to your race page

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